Purdy Hicks Project List

Christmas Party Invite

Purdy Hicks have planned another merry little Christmas party this year. With use of the raised thermography finish, Pluspurple was able to create a simple but striking invite for the London based Fine Art Gallery.

Estelle Thompson - Exhibiton invite design

Estelle Thompson the contemporary artist continues to explore the central concerns and traditions in painting: in particular the development of abstraction. Her work continues
to be influenced by Suprematism, Colour Field abstraction and 20th Century Modern Masters. Intense colours – red, orange, violet, green, pink – and the use of silver pigment result in highly reflective surfaces and swathes of colour. Thompson has developed a new and personal palette which is pure, intense and luminous. This new departure relies on colour combinations both startling and fresh. With these clear points in mind, Pluspurple was able to produce a simple but sticking invite for Thompson’s latest exhibition at
Purdy Hicks.

Chan-Hyo Bae Exhibition

Chan-Hyo Bae originally from South Korea and now living in London chose the iconography of queenliness to express his own feelings of cultural estrangement. In a rather complex subject matter, Bae begins from the very simple and common sentiments of foreignness. With these beautiful but some what dark images, Pluspurple set out to intrigue the receiver into wanting to see more at the Purdy Hicks Gallery in London.

Christmas party invite

With another year coming to a close the big Christmas Party at Purdy Hicks offered the chance to create a stylish but fun invite. Simplicity of design teamed with the extremely effective raised thermography finish, allowed Pluspurple to strike the right tone.

In Drawing invite

The In Drawing exhibition brought a broad spectrum of different artists and work together under one roof. Pluspurple's response, a playful celebration of the central theme.

Invite to the New Photography Exhibition

Tom Hunter, Susanna Majuri and Jyrki Parantainen were showing at the 'New Photography' show. Pluspurple was asked to design a simple but striking exhibition invite.

Invite for the Stepanek & Maslin exhibition

Alice Stepanek and Steven Maslin have been working together for over twenty years, painting studies and comments on the subject of Nature. Pluspurple was asked to design the invite for their exhibiton at the Purdy Hicks Gallery in London.

Invite for the Purdy Hicks Summer Party

Its always a pleasure to work with Purdy Hicks, and this time was no exception. We're looking forward to the party in a few weeks time!

Tipping Point exhibition

Having worked with high profile and well established artists for nearly 20 years the team at Purdy Hicks wanted to take a new direction, introducing lesser known artists and painters from their portfolio. Pluspurple explored the meaning of the expression 'tipping point', arriving at this typographical interpretation for the exhibition invite.