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New technologies like blockchain is rapidly emerging. Axlacor is on the for front in that field, creating various trade booking and settlement systems capable of processing millions of transactions a second. They needed a name and a corporate identity to suit. See the work


For over 25 years Maison Individuelle has been helping UK buyers with every aspect of their French property purchase. Pluspurple was brought in to develop a CMS driven responsive Website to show of their range of excellent properties. The design of the website reflects the clients high standard of service, with the colours reflecting the professional help and advice they give their clients. See the work


Dan MacGregor approached Pluspurple to build a unique website to showcase his digital art. The works being rather complex, intricate and detailed a simple design solution was chosen. With mobile devices in mind this responsive website was built to cater for the people on the go. See the work


Frischchind is a start-up that strives to have local, sustainable produce available to their customers throughout the year. The team behind the online marketplace for fresh produce from nearby Swiss farmers was keen to look professional but still feel authentic. Pluspurple was able to help them on getting that balance right. See the work


With the introduction of Html 5 a while ago. Nicolas Anthoney asked Pluspurple to redesign their current website to go with the times. Keeping with in its established CI and using there existing range of photos Pluspurple build a simple but intuitive website for them. See the work


Since its founding days in 1960 Mission Without Borders established many local offices all over the world. Pluspurple was asked to build a website which reflects MWB’s core identity but is flexible enough to accommodate the different languages and diverse cultural backgrounds of their local teams. See the work


Youth Connexions Hertfordshire forms part of Hertfordshire County Council's Services for Young People, and is a service that aims to provide information and advice, guidance and support, and personal development opportunities for all 13-19 year olds. We were asked to reimagine the website for its various audiences. The result is a beautiful content managed website that is a pleasure to navigate. See the work

12.06.2012 | Present.me brand, website & mobile


Present.me is a fantastic new way to record and share presentations using your webcam. Having already secured international mindshare during beta, the company needed to consolidate its position as the number one online presentation service on the web. Our remit continues to cover all aspects of the brand as it grows, including website, adverts, mobile apps and more. See the work


For years, Ariela has recorded her thoughts and ideas in a paper diary. Moving with the times, she asked Pluspurple to create a blog to allow her to capture and share her thoughts in digital form. Pluspurple developed the name and design for her film, theater and book critic blog. The name in German means literally Cityharvest. It symbolises the ideas and inspiration you can harvest from a metropolitan city such as Zürich in Switzerland. See the work


Being diagnosed with the widely unknown ‘Diabetes Type One’ is never easy, especially at a young age. As there is not much support and understanding in the media and by the people around them, the newly formed charity ‘honey’ wants to change this. They want to build a new channel to help and inform sufferers and carers about the disease. Pluspurple delivered a fresh and striking logo and corporate Identity. The CI with its bold colour scheme will stand out from the crowd, and help attract the young audience. See the work


  • Pluspurple Pluspurple_: A nicely designed information website about rather dark world subject.
  • Pluspurple Pluspurple: Yahoo! is getting a make over. We are curious to see what they will come up with. news.cnet.com/830...
  • Pluspurple Pluspurple_: Adobe show off their html5 website skills - AdobeDay in Manchester. …adobedayatuaeurope.campai...
  • Pluspurple Pluspurple_: A great CI design solution for Australia’s first and oldest charity. http://t.co/wz5vccBL9g
  • Pluspurple Pluspurple_: It has been once again a fab evening with fab people. Now we are looking forward to organize the big Birthday bash at the 3 November. 
  • Pluspurple Pluspurple_: We are just recovering from another night of great Networking at our Drinks & Links event in London. 
  • Pluspurple Pluspurple_: Waiting to receive our design result of the Solar Centre brochure from our printers.


28.08.17 :

Stumbling onto the ultra simple web shop totokaelo.com, we got fascinated by the Julie Thevenot wall hangings. We particularly liked the use of the subtle colour combinations and its integration with different materials.

15.05.17 :

Stumbling past this fascinating work by Parisian designer MXMC. We are strongly considering doing some of these lovely gif animation our self again. It's surly memorising and some how calming to watch it over and over again.

06.02.17 :

The other day we had a meeting in Zürich with lasted till late into the night. Coming past these lovely photographs from Luca Zanier it reminded us of the great views of the "little big city" we could enjoy at the time.

18.07.16 :

Whilst hunting for minimalistic website designs we came past this fashion brands'. Its radical consistency for simplicity on words, graphics and colours got us intrigued.

18.07.16 :

When dose the line between art and graphic design merge? A question we had discussed already in our uni days. We cam past this lovely piece of work. We would say it falls well on the side of art.

02.05.16 :

Here at the studio we are all looking forward to summer. Coming past this design take on a soft ice-cream put us really in the mood for the warmer season of the year. mmmh...

07.03.16 :

Looking at colours, what they say to us and what they make you feel like is part of our daily business. So we got all excited when we stumbled upon this design studio which really knows how to use colours. Oh, and another lovely lady from Spain which uses subtlety in abundance. 

02.11.15 :

We have just successfully finished a new website project... Success - a word we love to achieve, aim for and hear, even more so when it is so lovingly illustrated in a short animation by Hannah Jacobs.

02.10.15 :

Colour is surely one of the biggest tools in our chest of drawers when designing. The guys at Kissmetrics created a little colour explanation chart which we have now pined up onto our office wall to keep us on our toes. To download the PDF. click here.

28.09.15 :

Lately we have been looking keenly at some fab 3d font creations which are poping up all around us. One which caught our eye was this draped typeface by Txaber which is behind some more really interesting stuff.